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How to get to Vietnam Air : International flights of Vietnam Airlines and most of other international Airlines Agencies are available to Hanoi , Hue, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. To Ha Noi From Moscow, Beijing, Vientiane, Bangkok, Hongkong, Taipei, Macau, Dubai, Paris, Berlin, Zurich...To Ho Chi Minh City From Phnom Penh, Malaysia, Singapore, Manila, Kaoshung, Seoul, Osaka, Vienna, Sydney, Melbourne...

Sea : Star Cruises, Royal Viking Lines, Crystal Cruises, Leo Star Cruises have weekly scheduled their water lines to Vietnam via some main Vietnamese seaports such as: Saigon, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Haiphong.
Land :
China : Vietnam and China have some border crossings. But the busiest one is Huu Nghi at Dong Dang of Lang Son Province to Pinxiang and Nanning on the chinese side. On the other hand, Lao Cai border crossing to Kunming and Mong Cai border crossing to Quangzhou are also open to foreign tourists. There are two railways linking Hanoi and Beijing via Huu Nghi and Lao Cai border gates. Buses run every day from Hanoi to these border crossings and the same on the chinese side to cities. Other means of transport such as: bus, taxi, Honda Om are available in each frontier province to its border crossing.You will need a chinese visa and a re-entry Vietnamese visa if you go back to Vietnam.
Laos : The main border crossing between Laos and Vietnam is Lao Bao connecting the Centre of Vietnam and Savannakhet Province of Laos. Transports by bus or taxi to this border are available in Da Nang, Dong Ha and Lao Bao and you will find the same to Savannakhet waiting for you on the Laos side. Otherwise, every day buses run between these nations via Lao Bao. You will need a Laos visa and a re-entry Vietnamese visa if you go back to Vietnam. Other border crossings are available such as: Tay Trang border crossing betwen Dien Bien Phu of Vietnam and Luang Pra Bang of Laos. Nam Can border crossing connecting Nghe An Province and Xiangkhoang Province. Cau Treo border crossing from Ha Tinh Province to Vientiane.
Cambodia : At present, the only frontier crossing between Vietnam and Cambodia open to foreign tourists is at Moc Bai, which connects Vietnam`s Tay Ninh Province with Cambodia`s Svay Rieng Province. Other border crossings might open in the future. Transports by bus or taxi to this border are available in Ho Chi Minh City and you will find the same to Phnom Penh waiting for you on the Cambodia side. Otherwise, every day buses run between Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City via Moc Bai. You will need a Cambodia visa and a re-entry Vietnamese visa if you go back to Vietnam.


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